Happy 2nd Anniversary Donald Trump! On October 19, 2015 on Fox and Friends, then candidate Donald Trump said, “If elected, I will have the greatest whistle blower program in American history”.  If I am elected Senator we will have this put into LAW. Mr. President it is time that we allow our federal agents, local sheriffs and state police to come forward and reveal the high ranking elected officials that have not allowed them to enforce laws.

Human trafficking is the world’s worst crime and is larger today than ever before in history, as per Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and various international groups including the United Nations.  Indiana is, without question, a destination and distribution point for little Asian girls. These are the “human mules” that bring in the largest quantities of drugs and weapons to our state.

For more than 15 years, I have been involved in trying to stop this horrible crime here in Indiana. I have done so by providing actionable intelligence to the International Justice Mission, the Polaris Project, Local Police, State Police, local sheriffs, FBI, local Mayor, State Attorney General , Governor, Congressman and Senator.

Sadly, it has resulted in closing only two child trafficking/prostitution houses. Most likely they were just relocated and not closed. I must give the credit to the Polaris Project for both of these; it was only after their involvement that the two locations were vacated.

Mr. President now is the time to let our brave law enforcement personnel know that they can come forward, tell the truth and still keep their jobs and pensions.

We should all remember that these victims are little girls ranging in age from 8 to 15 years old.  They are taken from their homes half-way around the world and smuggled into America. After they have dropped off their drugs, their handlers either sell them as child brides or they are sent to prostitution houses. I am not the only voice on this issue. Locally, I am aware of only one other person, Greg Garrison, who has brought attention to this horrific situation on his radio program.

Mr. President now is the time. If we stop the child trafficking we can stop most of the illegal drugs, and save many of the little girls. This will then have a positive cascading effect on crime and overdoses in our great State of Indiana.

Thank you Mr. President

John Piper
Independent Candidate for US Senate, Indiana