Now there can be no question we ; all America are engaged in a cold civil war. The swamp has shown its true colors today.

Yes many of us knew it was coming and today it did. Today’s action by Robert Muller and the special council was simply to blackmail Paul Manafort into bringing forth any dirt possible on Donald Trump.

This is clearly the criminal swamp trying to over turn the legal election of our president Donald trump. Yes this is nothing less than a cold civil war.

Simply stated my fellow Hoosiers the Washington elite has sided with the progressives and have every intention of changing America to what they wish it to be – a progressive union without liberties for the individual. There cannot be anymore question that both republicans and democrats want to nullify our vote and undue the election of Donald Trump.

We must all recognize the leaders of the progress movement Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush, and Barrack Obama.

We must be prepared to civilly and aggressively engage their followers in debate and at the ballet box. Let us all remember that there intention is to rewrite the constitution and fundamentally change America.

We must all pray for our president to remain strong against evil both foreign and domestic.

God bless Donald Trump.

God bless America and God bless Indiana.